Ever changing payer rules and government regulations, the ups and downs of quality-based care and consistently shrinking reimbursements, make today’s healthcare climate more difficult than ever to navigate alone. Having a dedicated partner by your side, is essential, to any practice navigating today’s temperamental healthcare sphere. MedAstin is unrivaled in expertise, leads in technological innovation and practices a proven, specialty-specific, approach to medical billing and has done so since 2001. Since our inception and to date, we remain committed to the financial success and competence of all our medical partnerships, nationwide. 


At MedAstin we go above and beyond traditional billing services through thorough reporting and astute analysis of each account. Using the detailed reporting and analysis of your practice we can identify patterns, bring attention to the most effective areas of your business, draw focus to needed improvement, identify the providers that are proving most profitable and much more. In doing so, MedAstin can help to establish a smarter system, a leaner strategy and begin to significantly increase your efficiencies. The careful data we provide will uncover answers, that when met strategically, will immediately increase your bottom line. 



Charge Entry & Claim Submission

MedAstin works closely with each client, to create a billing process that makes sense to the practice and will best meet your specific needs. Provide us the demographics and the charge details for each visit and we will do the rest. 


Our specialty billing team enters charges and bills claims daily. Our careful method of internal communication, keeps all team members alert to all account entries. Your charges and claims will pass through multiple eyes as our billing team maintains a comprehensive attentiveness - each day, with each charge, with each claim, we are taking care to ensure every billable charge is captured and your practice is always receiving its maximum possible collection.  


MedAstin will eliminate wait times and avoid billing denials as we strive to produce clean claims, consistently. MedAstin assembles individualized analysis for each client and provides advanced claim scrubbing, ensuring we produce clean claims and achieve maximum reimbursement for our each of our partners. Our uncompromising billing process safeguards against incomplete claims, deniable claims, and not only ensures our clients a maximized bottom line but also promises timely receivables. 


Payment Posting

MedAstin verifies every payment to ensure each is accurately reimbursed and received by our client. Once payment has been confirmed by our client MedAstin will access EOBs and payment information in one of three ways…



EOB's are forwarded to MedAstin after they have been deposited by the practice.


As the ERA is being entered to software, a MedAstin computing specialist conducts an additional analysis of payment to ensure the claim is processed correctly.


MedAstin runs daily reports of credited payments. These payments are posted upon clients confirmation of merchant deposit.


Denials & Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

MedAstin works intently to avoid billing wait times and rejections, but when they do occur we employ our proven process to manage all denials and work outstanding AR. We pride ourselves in being our clients best advocate, as we actively resolve all outstanding denials. MedAstin will also continue to ensure our clients and their office team members are updated and well versed on changes made to insurance billing practices and the trending factors that contribute to claim denials. 


Claims can be denied by the clearing house prior to ever being processed at the insurance level. We evaluate the electronic transmissions daily to ensure claims made the previous day have been transmitted. 


When you choose us as your practice partner, your office team can increase productivity and continue their daily routine unencumbered by claim rejections - as MedAstin manages denials with an extensive follow-up and appeals process where nothing is left behind. With our team’s extensive knowledge in medical billing, we are able to easily identify the most effective response to resolve varied denials as they arise. As part of our goal to decrease denials our staff will pay close attention to developing patterns in order to avoid repeat denials. 


Patient Billing & Collections

Patient statements are generated after confirming all insurance companies have paid their appropriate portion. MedAstin systematically sorts statements by hand, identifying past debts and ensuring all debts outstanding are attached to current patient statements - this process increases practice return. 


A unique service provided by MedAstin is personal patient care. Our team provides your practice a local, informed and compassionate voice to your patients during their billing process. The billing company you choose to partner with stands as an extension of your practice in the eye of your patient. When you choose MedAstin your patients aren’t given an answering service or outsourced liaison, instead, they are given MedAstin’s direct phone number where our team is available to discuss any and all of their billing inquiries. 


MedAstin will manage patient payment in full - processing patient credit card (or merchant) payment or handling payment plans on your behalf, we will also file accounts with collection and credit agencies when told or approved to do so by the practice. We understand the patient is your client and you, are ours - we will work with you to customize a patient relationship that best fits your practice. 


Exceptional Customer Service for Patient Inquiries 

Our compassionate and well-informed team also provides for exceptional customer service. Never outsourced, our communication is dependable, as we manage your patient billing questions in house. MedAstin takes patient payments over the phone and manages payment plans for each client. As your advocate, we look to reconcile any patient issues with empathy and deliberate action. 



The MedAstin team is well versed in many billing software and EHR programs. Our team members are agile, our systems are easily adaptable and we are ready to become experts in your preferred program, if we haven't already - It is important to us that as we partner with your practice, the transition is easy on your team and seamlessly translates into their already busy routine. 

“My healthcare companies have been using MedAstin for almost seven years. Brooke and her staff are dedicated to their craft of billing insurance companies and patient co-pays. They make sure they understand the insurance plans and subsequent plans so that you, as a business, can receive the level of reimbursement you are entitled to. MedAstin is locally owned and operated and will ensure you are treated like a neighbor.” - Shirley Sturdivant, CEO of The Sleep Center of Austin, Sleep Associates of America, ParkCrest Medical Supply
“MedAstin has been providing medical billing services for Home Respiratory Inc. and REM Sleep Centers for over 15 years. I am extremely pleased with the services that Brooke and her team have provided my durable medical and sleep laboratories. Having worked in this field for over 30 years, I have never experienced a more efficient and professional team. Bottom line they keep outstanding accounts receivables down. They always provide me with detailed reporting and work the difficult claims. I highly recommend their services and give them an A+ rating.” - Larry Spector, Home Respiratory Inc,, REM Sleep Centers