Why Medastin? Well, we think it's obvious.

All our work is done 100% in house, never outsourced. We offer competent support and provide a specialty focused team, dedicated to your account. Our team members are available to you at all times and each member of our team is updated and aware of your account details daily. Our team works together, locally. We strive to communicate internally so that at any given moment, all team members, are knowledgable and able to provide answers about your claim, without hesitation. Our owner, Brooke Walls, is present on each account that passes through our doors. She works dutifully to personally manage each clients billing and contract needs. Keeping multiple eyes on each account nurtures a comprehensive attentiveness between team members, that clients would only receive from a small and coordinated team, like ours - but it also works to safeguard against oversights and increases collection rates. 


We don't stop at medical billing. We offer practice training, we manage patient relationships, ensure software competency, formulate super bills and customize your documents, perfectly tailoring them to your exact needs. We are there for any and all issues you may encounter along the way. Having Medastin on your team ensures smoother transitions, a more competent staff and increasingly efficient processes. Overall, our team strives to offer a customized concierge-like service, never before seen in medical billing or insurance contracting. 


Our small, compassionate and well informed team also provides for exceptional customer service. Never outsourced, our communication is dependable, as we manage your patient calls in house. We handle all the headaches patient concerns can bring. As your advocate, we look to reconcile any patient issues with empathy and deliberate action. Medastin also accepts patient payments and manages payment plans on your behalf. 


Please explore our website, discover more about MedAstin and read more detailed descriptions of the services we provide. We look forward to working along side your team. 

“We acquired Providacare two years ago and had no experience in this specific field. The company we bought it from highly recommended we keep MedAstin as the billing partner because they take care of all aspects of billing and contracting. We are in Minnesota, but that doesn't reduce the amount of hands on responsibility Brooke takes with our account. She updates leadership and trains employees when needed. So glad we have continued with MedAstin. They go above and beyond. Brooke communicates issues to me and lets me know where the holes are.” - Scott Boardman, Freedom Respiratory Solutions