To further the scope of our medical billing services, MedAstin will assist in insurance contracting and post management operations. We offer an affordable, efficient partnership in contracting, credentialing and claims management.


Over the last 16 years, Brooke and her team have established meaningful relationships with insurance provider representatives, nationwide. These connections have proven invaluable in efficiently navigating the complex contracting processes and procedures. The MedAstin practices benefit most notable from these relationships in winning insurance contracts at significantly higher rates. Our practices find more benefits in our strong relationships with provider representatives as we manage the processes of credentialing new physicians and practitioners and re-credentialing current physicians with ease.


MedAstin knows, for medical practices, quality patient care is always the priority. We also know without profitability and practice efficiency, quality patient care is often unattainable. MedAstin leverages our close personal relationships with provider representatives to negotiate higher physician reimbursements, when possible and turn your care goals into reality. Our aim is to help you and your practice team reinforce your reputation as an outstanding medical services’ provider and maximize your profitability. 


Brooke and her team have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare reimbursement process from both provider and payer perspectives. This comprehensive knowledge and our commitment to a local, personal approach allows us to foster strong business relationships with healthcare organizations and enhance insurance agreements for our clients in a way that is unlike anything seen before. 


Winning a contract is just the first step, managing it is the second. MedAstin understands the importance of re-validation, re-credentialing and re-certification renewal requirements. We will closely track client contract terminations in order to stay consistently one step ahead. We hope to completely eliminate inactive time in which providers typically go without pay. Our proactive strategy in dealing with terminations also helps practices avoid claim denials and ensure timely receivables. 


MedAstin managing your insurance contracting provides a lean alternative to hiring a full-time staff member or team, as we can work on an as needed basis or as an ongoing extension of your existing team. 

“As a small business professional, it is important for me to partner with businesses that can truly take ownership and responsibility for their work. Be the extension of the business. A partner that I can depend on to help take care of the business. MedAstin is that company. MedAstin takes ownership and pride in their work for my companies. They focus on the continued success of my company. Their experience in contracting ensures my company has continuity in all areas. MedAstin is very proactive in this area and they have great rapport and experience with both local and national insurance companies.” - Nancy Trevino, Providacare