Medastin offers medical professionals thorough, competent support throughout the entire billing process. Our team also provides strategic practice management, working hands on with practice team members to identify patterns and consistently increase revenue and improve billing efficiencies.


At Medastin we take a hands-on approach, prioritizing relationships and ensuring a profoundly personal working relationship with each client. We started small in 2001 taking on a few sleep laboratories and DME companies. In the 16 years since our initiation we have grown to also service multiple doctors offices and are now, one of the most trusted billing companies in the state of Texas. We have been able to do so by keeping it small and personal - Our owner, Brooke Walls, continues to supervise each and every account that comes through Medastin. In doing so she is able to ensure quality customer care, nurture personal relationships and manage client needs. Clients of Medastin benefit from a constant and direct line of communication to Brooke and her knowledgeable staff of experts.


The most valuable asset of Medastin is its team of compassionate, eager and experienced professionals - with over 60 years of combined experience in billing and account management you can feel confident your practice is in capable hands.