MedAstin offers medical professionals thorough, competent support throughout the entire billing process. Our team also provides strategic management, working hands on with practice team members to identify patterns in order to consistently increase revenue and improve billing efficiencies. Overall, our team strives to offer a customized concierge-like service, never before seen in medical billing or insurance contracting.



Our clearly defined process and well organized systems promise to yield your maximum financial reimbursement.



Streamlined software between our companies will increase operational efficiency, workflow productivity and help to easily identify patterns. The MedAstin team is well versed in many billing software. Our team members are agile, our systems are easily adaptable and we are ready to become experts in your preferred program, if we haven't already - It is important to us that as we partner with your practice, the transition is easy on your team and seamlessly translates into their already busy routine.



We will leverage our meaningful relationships with insurance provider representatives nationwide, to benefit your practice, when navigating complex contracting processes and procedures.

"We acquired Freedom Respiratory Solutions two years ago and had no experience in this specific field. The company we bought it from highly recommended we keep MedAstin as the billing partner because they take care of all aspects of billing and contracting. We are in Minnesota, but that doesn't reduce the amount of hands on responsibility Brooke takes with our account. She updates leadership and trains employees when needed. So glad we have continued with MedAstin. They go above and beyond. Brooke communicates issues to me and lets me know where the holes are.”
- Scott Boardman, Freedom Respiratory Solutions